Permanent performance for over 10 years

Vision for wind

We have challenged the wind industry, first by making permanent magnet generators (PMG) and full-power converters (FPC) the preferred technology for wind turbines, and then by enabling the technology to be commercially available.


Today, our product portfolio covers all wind power applications from 1 MW to 15 MW and higher. We have developed generators for various drive train topologies,  including direct-drive, medium-speed and high-speed PMGs. Recently, we have been focusing especially on large power, medium-speed integrated designs.

Our FPCs are designed to work with our PMGs as a fully optimized drive train package.


Why PMG and FPC?

The majority of new wind turbine designs now coming to the market have all chosen permanent magnet technology. That's because PMGs have fewer failures since they have no wearing parts, are more compact and require only minimal maintenance. The Switch PMG drive trains typically ensure an average turbine availability of 97 % or higher in all operating conditions.

PMGs demonstrate higher efficiency at partial loads, resulting in higher efficiency curves for wind and other renewable energy applications. They also start producing power at lower speeds.

Together, PMG and FPC simply lead to the lowest possible Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and long-term permanent performance when analyzed from either a total life cycle cost efficiency angle or a reliability angle. That’s why we love PMG!


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