Motoman Robots in the Beverage Industry



Sorting Table Operations with Motoman Robots

Crate Sorting Operations with Motoman Robots

Motoman Robots are sorting beer and beverage crates in breweries and empties handling.

Automation of Wine Production / Winaries with Motoman Robots

Beverage Replenishment and Order Picking with Motoman Robots

Air Grip Bottle Grippers

Air Grip is a patented bottle gripper system with many advantages, perfectly suited for robotic bottle handling. See our Air Grip Micro Website.


YASKAWA Air Grip World - Turnkey Packaging and Palletizing Solution for Micro Breweries

Out of a pilot project with a local micro brewery in Sweden, YASKAWA has developed Air Grip World, a patented, award-winning Standard Turnkey System for Packing Bottles into Boxes or crates and palletizing them.

Unwrapping and Box Opening with Motoman Robots


Robotic Handling of Barrels