Life Sciences

Motoman Robots and Lab Automation in Life Sciences -Chemical/Biological/Pharma/Medical Laboratories

When pepole talk about automation in this market, they typically mean two extremes:

  1. High throughput hard automation production lines, with very high investment costs in this field, created to produce one single dedicated product made for a special product
  2. Small diasgnostic processing stations, manually loaded/unloaded by lab workers, without any automatic workflow inbetween.

But, understanding that more than 50% of the turnover in this market is generated by products not older than 3 years, this 3 years period is too short to generate ROI on heavy investments, but too long to do all the jobs manually!

This market requires something inbetween those two extremes - more flexible automation with reasonable investments - and this is why robotic lab automation is rapidly on the rise. Robots are able to do both - handling vials and processing jobs. Robots are perfectly embeddable into safe Diagnosis and Therapy Data Processing.

Our Lab Automation System Integration Partners and YASKAWA have digged deep into processes, specifications and requirements, and are happy to walk through your individual process and automation needs, and calculate a proper ROI for your individual requirements.